HOSOO Styling mat is a unique HOSOO tableware that can be used for a special dinner or as a gift for someone special.
HOSOO Styling mat can be placed underneath a plate, or stacked between plates to create a gorgeous three-dimensional effect.
The story behind the textile and the fantastic design will beautifully color your dining space.

The collection will also feature collaborations with various creators. The styling mats will give more imagination to the dishes and food. Please look forward to the amazing world of our textiles and creators

HOSOO x Yuki Nara (scheduled to be updated on August 9th)


HOSOO FLAGSHIP STORENow you can purchase the following products.

HOSOO Placemat Square (¥ 16,500 ~)
HOSOO Placemat Hexagon (¥ 19,800 ~)
HOSOO Placemat Hexagon Mini (¥ 13,200 ~)

ONLINE STORE will be on sale from September 1st.

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