Specified Commercial Transaction Act


[Store Information]
Company name: HOSOO.Co., Ltd.
Telephone: +81752218888
Email: store@hosoo.co.jp

[Sales Price]
Product prices are displayed on the site.

[Sales Quantity]
All products are limited in stock. If the product you ordered is out of stock, you will be contacted via email.

[Additional Charges]
Consumption tax and delivery charges.

[Payment Methods]
credit card payment (VISA, Mastercard, Amex), cash on delivery.

[Payment Period]
In the case of credit card payment, the end of payment period associated for each credit card company will be applied. For more details please contact your credit card company. In the case of cash on delivery, please pay in cash for the delivered item.

Shipment will take place usually within three business days after your credit card transaction has been approved or cash on delivery has been confirmed. Specified dates and time requests are accepted. However, please be aware specified dates and time requests may not be possible due to factors such as weather conditions, traffic conditions, available stock, and your area of residence.
In principle, DHL is the designated shipping company. Shipping costs are based on the area of residence and size with shipping costs according to the shipping company.

[Refunds, Exchanges, Cancellations, Others]

[Return Period and Conditions]
In principle, refunds or exchanges are not accepted under any circumstances. However, if the ordered product is defective (damaged or soiled) or different from the original order, exchange for a sound or exact product replacement is possible. If you wish to exchange your product for such reasons, please contact us within 10 days of your purchase for domestic shipments or within 14 days of your purchase for international shipments using the inquiry form on this site or by telephone.
If you agree to return the product, please return it in its original packaging. Any shipping costs will be covered by the purchaser. If there is no stock available, a refund will be provided. Please be aware that if a product is returned without any advanced notice, a refund or exchange will be invalid.

[Refund and Exchange Policy]
We will check the condition of the product with you when we receive an advanced notice. Depending on the circumstances, refunds or exchanges may be invalid.

<Cases where refunds or exchanges are invalid>
The above stipulated return period has expired.
The appearance of the product such as color and/or shape is different from the image on the site.
Any damage, scratches and/or stains caused by cosmetics and cosmetic accessories (this excludes any damage caused during shipping).
We reserve the right to determine whether or not support is possible.

[Cancellation Period and Reasons]
In principle, cancellations are not accepted under any circumstances. This includes any orders that have been already prepared for shipping (i.e. the order has been confirmed via email).

[Contact Us]
Telephone: +81752218888
Email: store@hosoo.co.jp
NB: Please include your full name, product name, order number, and date and time of purchase.