HOSOO was founded in 1688 as a textile company in Nishijin, Kyoto. Nishijin textiles, which have been handed down for 1,200 years, have been nurtured with the overwhelming support of the imperial nobles, the samurai class, and the upper class, who have a high sense of aesthetics.

Inheriting the techniques and materials of Nishijin textiles and the pursuit of ultimate beauty, we have been producing world-class, one-of-a-kind art textiles based on the concept of “More than Textile”.

HOSOO ONLINE STORE brings you art pieces, furniture, cushions and other home collections that will enrich your heart.

Craftsmanship as a bridge across eras

Through textures and tactility of the details, things color life, work on people, and enrich their emotions. Like the uplifting feeling of wearing beautiful kimonos, crafts have a mysterious spirituality that go beyond simple functionality.

"More than Textile"

HOSOO is always challenging the infinite possibilities of textiles. HOSOO continues to create unimaginable textiles that inspire people.We continue to create textiles beyond imagination that inspire people.

HOSOOWe are developing products that maximize the beauty of textiles.Reflecting the mystery and beauty of nature, our textiles show a rich expression when they are formed into products.

HOSOO FLAGSHIP STORE is the world's one "HOSOO" flagship store consisting of 5 floors above ground.It is located in the old town of Kyoto, in a block where traditional scenery is expected.We are disseminating to the world the manufacturing of crafts with an eye on the future.


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